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100 of my favorite sites dealing with urban issues.


American Planning Association
Arch Daily Urban Planning
Better Cities and Towns
Center for Neighbourhood Technology
Cities Alliance
Cities Development Initiative for Asia
Cities for Children
Cities of Migration
City Farmer
City Forward
City Mayors
CIVITAS – Cleaner and Better Transport in Cities
Congress for New Urbanism (CNU)
Council of European Muicipalities and Regions
Covenant CapaCITY
Covenant of Mayors
Digital Urban Blog
Eco Compact City Network
ELTIS – The Urban Mobility Portal
Energy Cities
European Association for Urban History
European Cities and Regions Networking for Innovative Transport Solutions (POLIS)
European Forum for Urban Safety
European Network for Housing Research
European Platform on Mobility Management
European Urban Knowledge Network
European Urban Research Association
Global Green Cities of the 21st Century
Global Urban Development
Green City Index
Human Transit Blog
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
I’m a City Changer
Inclusive Cities Observatory
International Association of Public Transport
International Downtown Association
International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP)
International Making Cities Livable
International Network for Urban Development (INTA)
International Society of City and Regional Planners
Livable Cities Blog
Making Cities Resilient
National League of Cities
Next American City
Our Green Cities
Project for Public Spaces
Resilient City
Royal Town Planning Institute
RUDI – the urban knowledge sharing network
Sister Cities International
Smart Cities and Communities
Smart Growth America
Smart Growth Online
Sustainable Cities Collective
Sustainable City News
Sustainable Communities Online
Sustainable Urban Transport Project
TED City
The Atlantic Cities
The City Fix
The Dirt Blog
The Global Urbanist
The Green City
The Urban Gateway
The Urban Institute
The Urban Observatory
This Big City
Trending City
TURAS – Transitioning  Towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability
UN Habitat
United Cities and Local Government
Untapped Cities Blog
Upgrading Urban Communities
Urban  Nexus
Urban Age Institute
Urban Land Institute
Urban Omnibus
Urban Squares
Urbanophile Blog
US Conference of Mayors
Web Urbanist
Women in Cities International
World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty
World Association of Major Metropolises
World Bank Sustainable Cities Blog
World Car Free Network