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16-Jan Abu Dhabi World Future Energy Summit
19-Jan France 1st International ABWET conference
23-Jan UK Smart Cities at the IOT Tech Expo
24-Jan USA Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition
24-Jan France European Energy Transition Conference
25-Jan Portugal V Creative Cities International Conference
25-Jan the USA Health and Urban Design Conference
26-Jan UK Smart Energy UK and Europe




1-Feb UK Smart Cities UK Conference and Expo
1-Feb UK Smart Cities 2017
9-Feb Dubai Smart City Planning 2017
11-Feb USA New Partners for Smart Growth
12-Feb Dubai World Government Summit
16-Feb Canada
21-Feb Taiwan Smart City Summit & Expo 2017


1-Mar Singapore
1-Mar Turkey International Smart Cities Conference
5-Mar UK Smart IOT London
6-Mar Australia Green Cities
7-Mar Bulgaria ‘Smart Cities’ – Exhibition and Conference for South – East Europe
7-Mar USA Rescon New Orleans
7-Mar Ivory Coast Smart City Africa
7-Mar UK Ecobuild
12-Mar Italy Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks
16-Mar USA 14th Annual Urban Design Conference
20-Mar Germany Public Sector Parc @ CeBIT
20-Mar France 5th International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention
21-Mar Israel Efficient 2017: A conference on efficient urban water management



4Apr Czech
4Apr UK The Future of Smart Cities
4Apr Italy Green Infrastructure in Urban Forests
5Apr UK Trees, People and the Built Environment 3
6Apr Europe Smart Blue City 2017
10Apr Italy International Congress on Transport Infrastructure and Systems
18Apr Austria Future of Building 2017
19Apr USA 47th Urban Affairs Association Conference
19Apr Turkey ICSG Istanbul 2017
20Apr Italy 2nd EAI International Conference on ICT Infrastructures and Services for Smart Cities
20Apr Portugal 2nd International Conference on ‘Urban e-Planning’
21Apr UK Climate Change – Impacts and Responses
22Apr Portugal VEHITS 2017
23Apr Portugal Smart Greens 2017
25Apr UK World Metrorail Congress
26Apr USA Smart Cities NYC 2017


2May USA Vision Zero Cities Conference
4May Turkey International City Planning and Urban Design Conference 2017
9May Canada 2017 Urban Security and Resilience Conference, Workshop, and Exhibition
10May India 3rd Smart Cities India 2017 Exhibition and Conference
11May Egypt Cities Through Architecture and Arts (CTAA)
11May Canada ICSC 2017 : 19th International Conference on Smart Cities
14May UK
15May Canada
15May UK Smart Cities Expo World Forum UK
16May Belgium Smart Cities Conference
17May Canada Global Learning Forum 2017
17May Morocco Smart City Expo Casablanca
17May Ghana 1st EAI Conference on SmartCities and Smart Solutions for Sustainable Development 2017
17May Taiwan 25th Pacific Conference of the RSAI 
17May Canada Blue Cities 2017
18May China 3rd Conference on Internet of Things and Smart City
18May India Municipalika 2017
20May Dubai Smart Government and Smart Cities Conference
25May Poland Seventh International Conference onThe Constructed Environment
26May Canada The Future of Cities – Augmenting Urban Innovation
30May Germany Smart Lighting 2017


31May  Germany  International Transport Forum 
1-Jun USA Grey to Green
5-Jun Portugal Information Systems for a smart, sustainable and inclusive world
5-Jun Hong Kong World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017
5-Jun Greece 7th Annual International Conference on Urban Studies & Planning
7-Jun Australia Renewable Cities Australia Forum
12Jun Sweden Embrace the water a Cities of the Future Conference 2017
12Jun Netherlands
14Jun Portugal REHAB 2017 – 3rd International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historical Buildings and Structures
19Jun Germany World Green Infrastructure Congress
19Jun Canada Metropolis World Congress
21Jun Poland 2017 EURA Conference: Cities locked in networks
26Jun France 8th International Conference on Communities and Technologies
29Jun UK European Bus Forum
1-Jul France Smart Countries and Cities Congress
4-Jul Germany mobil.TUM
11-Jul Australia 15TH International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management
12-Jul Indonesia Indonesia International Smart City 2017 Expo & Forum
12-Jul Australia
17-Jul UK Future Smart Cities
17-Jul Italy Urban Transit Conference
23-Jul USA 11th IWA International Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse
29-Jul USA Greater & Greener 2017: Parks Connecting Cities, Cultures, and Generations
6Sep Switzerland CISBAT 2017
10Sep Czech International Conference on Urban Drainage
10Sep Korea Asia Pacific Cities Summit
11Sep UK Sea, Port, City 2017
13Sep Switzerland SMAR 2017, the fourth International Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Structures
18Sep Japan Fast-Zero 17
20Sep Netherlands 18th EPA congress 2017
1Oct Taiwan EcoMobility World Festival
29Oct Canada 24th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems
30Oct Netherlands Amsterdam International Water Week
1Nov France Professional Lighting Design Convention
7Nov India CODATU XVII + UMI Conference
15Nov Spain Security, Democracy and Cities
21Nov France Solutrans 2017